Super Moon – Greene County Courthouse

June 22, 2013

Super Moon Over the Greene County Courthouse

Super Moon Greene County Courthouse, Xenia, Ohio

Super Moon Greene County Courthouse, Xenia, Ohio (click image to see full size)

‘Twas not the perfect night to hunt the great white super moon. Storms blew through earlier and were still lingering on the horizon. I originally was going to “shoot the moon” coming up over the trees reflecting off Shawnee Lake, but when I got there around 8:30 pm the front was still moving towards the east and there was no super moon in sight. I packed up my stuff and began thinking of what I could shoot the super moon with that was above 45 degrees up in the sky from the ground. It dawned on me that I was only 10 minutes away from the spire of the Greene County Courthouse. I headed out of Jamestown down Jasper road back into Xenia to scope out a place to shoot. I ended up in the middle of a strip mall. Luckily the moon pooped up over the clouds just in time to almost to sneak into view and I got my shot.